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This is a list of adventure motorcycle rides for both on, off road, and mixed terrain. Much of this information is provided by organizations and groups outside of Roam Motorcycle Adventures, and in those cases we are simply providing you with links to their respective websites and any information viewed there is the property and responsibility of that organization or group. If you are planning a trip to Utah and are looking for self guided rides but still need a bike, feel free to check out our selection of rental bikes. We offer transportation services for most of Utah and can arrange to pick you up from a local hotel or even the airport. Just contact us with the details of your trip so that we can make the appropriate arrangements.

Of course we welcome any comments, feedback, or additions to this section of our website so feel free to contact us if you have anything to add. Enjoy the rides!

The Backcountry Discovery Routes

The Backcountry Discovery Routes are put together by an organization dedicated to off road riding. The routes are divided into different states and feature mostly off road riding through many of the states most beautiful and rugged regions. These rides are designed with larger adventure motorcycles in mind, but many feature expert only sections that should be avoided on large bikes unless you are experienced riding in those environments. For those wanting a guided experience of these routes we offer all inclusive Roam Tours of the four BDR's that are closest to Utah. Click here for more information.

GPS tracks, maps, and videos are available for these routes. Click here to visit the BDR website!

Rocky Mountain ATV Battle Born - Dirty Devil - Hooked On Phoenix Rides

Rocky Mountain ATV is a large supplier of motorcycle, ATV and other motor sports industries. They are headquartered in Utah and have put together several off road riding experiences. There are two routes in Nevada, named the Battle Born South and Battle Born North. There are also two additional rides called the Dirty Devil and Hooked on Phoenix. These are located in Utah and Arizona. The Nevada and Utah routes are easy to get to from Salt Lake City, Utah where we are located. These rides are more difficult than the BDR rides so we highly suggest you watch the videos before attempting them on a large adventure bike!

GPS tracks, maps, and videos are available for these routes. Click here to visit the RMC website!

Utah National Parks Tour

Enjoy six national parks located in central and Southern Utah in a pre-planned route of about 375 miles. While this is an all pavement ride, the views and scenery are world renowned and every self respecting adventure motorcycle owner should endeavor to see these places at some point in their wanderings. The route starts just 265 miles from the heart of Salt Lake City, Utah in Moab and ends in St. George, part of Utah's dixie country. The entire trip is 940 miles give or take, and would make an excellent 3-5 day ride given you would want to spend some time in each of the parks just poking around!

GPS tracks, maps, and videos are available for these routes. Click here to visit the UNP website!